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IP Agreements

IP Agreements

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At Shift Law, we draft and negotiate a wide range of trademark and copyright related agreements and Terms of Use type agreements, particularly for small companies in intellectual property related fields.

Our services include drafting, negotiating and reviewing:

  • trademark and copyright licensing agreements
  • software related agreements
  • development and supplier agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • advertising, marketing and distribution agreements
  • security agreements relating to intellectual property
  • assignment agreements relating to intellectual property
  • franchise agreements
  • Terms of Use agreements
  • privacy policies

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Business break-ups and trademark rights

In the absence of a written agreement, who owns and who gets to use the trademarks of a joint venture after the parties to the joint venture break up? That was the central issue before the Federal Court in Corey.
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Terms of Use and Ownership of User Generated Content

When a photographer “tweets” her photographs on Twitter or a videographer posts his videos on Vimeo or YouTube, the works become available to be used by anyone in the world, right? After all, isn’t sharing the whole point of social media? In.
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Facebook’s forum selection clause ruled unenforceable

The Supreme Court of Canada has released two landmark decisions in recent days relating to territorial commercial interests on the borderless Internet. This post concerns Douez v Facebook, Inc., 2017 SCC 33, a decision that marks an important development for the.
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