Trademark Law Toronto

Trademarks are valuable intellectual property assets that should be protected and properly managed. Registering a trademark is a key part of maintaining and maximizing its value and ensuring that your exclusive rights in the trademark continue to exist. Trademark registration not only makes it easier and less costly to enforce rights in trademarks (especially on the Internet and on social media platforms) but it can also add value to your business as a whole, making it easier to secure financing or to attract investment.

At Shift Law, our trademark lawyers and trademark agents have extensive expertise in registering trademarks (and related assets such as business names and domain names), enforcing trademark rights and advising clients on how to strategically develop and manage their trademark portfolios.

Our rates for trademark registrations are very competitive - typically, $1250 from start-to-finish "all-in" for a Canadian or US. trademark registration, excluding the government fees. There are discounts for two or more applications for related trademarks.

Our trademark related services include:

  • searching, clearing, filing and registering trademarks in Canada and the United States
  • providing validity and registrability opinions for trademarks
  • responding to objections from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office's Trademarks Office or the United States Patents and Trademarks Office
  • trademark opposition and trademark cancellation proceedings
  • managing trademark and domain name portfolios
  • coordinating international registrations through our network of foreign trademark associates